It's Time For The Car In The Background Of A Movie Poster Challenge!

Who likes movies? Who likes cars? Who likes cars that appear in movies, but not the ones that anyone really pays attention to? The ones that are kind of stuck small in the background on the poster? Those cars. YOU like them, that's who! So let's see how well you know them!

The point of this is I'll show you a picture of a car from a movie poster, but it's one that's small and in the background and most likely not that significant to the movie. Well, it's significant enough to make it onto the poster in some way, but not much.


Let's start this off with this Lincoln, careening improbably along on two wheels. What movie poster was this taken from? Put your answers in the comments!

Winner gets, um, a lot of deep respect and, if we meet, your choice of hugs and/or an item from a nearby vending machine.

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