By now we’ve all seen the pictures of Elon Musk on Joe Rogan’s podcast, smoking a joint like he’s a freshman in an Oberlin doom room with a brand-new nickname and surrounded by people who never knew him in high school. So let’s have some fun. Let’s have a caption contest!

First, I want to make clear that we’re not judging the actual smoking of marijuana here. I don’t think any of us on staff care if he smokes weed any more than we care that he sometimes drinks booze. We’re not scandalized. It’s fine. It should be decriminalized because current laws pointlessly send scores of people, predominantly people of color, to jail and prison for no good reason. I don’t think this reflects poorly on Musk (though other stuff lately does.) Have at it.

That said, it’s also hilarious, because he’s clearly making such big deal about it. It’s like when a cool youth pastor turns his chair backwards and makes a point to say “shit” so you’ll know how real he is before he starts to tell you about another real dude with a beard and some crazy ideas, named Jesus.


So, here, have a go at making some captions for these images of Elon smoking weed. Grab one and put it with your caption in the comments so we get the full effect. Winner gets Comment of the Day! Hot damn, right?


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