Help A Band Pick A Car Hood Ornament For Their Next Album Cover

I’ll clarify this post first by just saying that one of the members of this band has been one of my best friends since I was 5 years old. So, yeah, this is a favor. Still, it’s car-related enough and it involves pictures of hood ornaments, so why not?

My friend’s band, Flimsy, has been using close-up shots of car hood ornaments for their song and album covers since they started, and now they’re about ready to release their next album. That means they need a new hood ornament, and I thought maybe the Jalopnik hive mind might be able to help pick a good one.


So far they’ve used an Oldsmobile, a Kaiser and a Gremlin (well, the Gremlin’s is on the gas cap, but still) hood ornament. I don’t think they did too much research, since the Kaiser one is actually right there in the Wikipedia article on hood ornaments.

I bet, though, that Jalopnik readers can find a really great ornament to use. So, just post images of the ornament you think would be best, ideally in an image that’s rights-free or your own that they could use for the cover. I’m going to say whoever picks the one that’s used will get a free download of the EP when it’s out, because, you know, you should.

I’m sure they’ll be cool with that.

Anyway, thanks for helping out an old friend; I’m curious to see what gets picked!


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