I’ll clarify this post first by just saying that one of the members of this band has been one of my best friends since I was 5 years old. So, yeah, this is a favor. Still, it’s car-related enough and it involves pictures of hood ornaments, so why not?

My friend’s band, Flimsy, has been using close-up shots of car hood ornaments for their song and album covers since they started, and now they’re about ready to release their next album. That means they need a new hood ornament, and I thought maybe the Jalopnik hive mind might be able to help pick a good one.

So far they’ve used an Oldsmobile, a Kaiser and a Gremlin (well, the Gremlin’s is on the gas cap, but still) hood ornament. I don’t think they did too much research, since the Kaiser one is actually right there in the Wikipedia article on hood ornaments.

I bet, though, that Jalopnik readers can find a really great ornament to use. So, just post images of the ornament you think would be best, ideally in an image that’s rights-free or your own that they could use for the cover. I’m going to say whoever picks the one that’s used will get a free download of the EP when it’s out, because, you know, you should.


I’m sure they’ll be cool with that.

Anyway, thanks for helping out an old friend; I’m curious to see what gets picked!