Arnold Schwarzenegger Was The Best Part Of The F1 Australian Grand Prix

The Formula One Australian Grand Prix itself was a bit of a turd, with more excitement over which unreliable car would drop out next than the actual racing. One man was there to save the day. One extraordinary man. I'm talking, of course, about the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger. »3/15/15 9:02am3/15/15 9:02am

You Can Buy Schwarzenegger's Unimog And Terminate Any Terrain

There's been some discussion about "girl cars," and what we can call them. One thing is for sure, Arnold Schwarzenegger would not be driving a "girly-man" car, because he needs something with POWAAA. So if you fancy yourself an off-road action star, Arnold's Unimog is your's for the taking. »9/06/14 10:32am9/06/14 10:32am

LA Auto Show: Governator Demands Cars of the Future Now, Automakers Comply

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced today that California is now and will be the world leader in alternative fuel vehicles, or else. While automakers first balked or threatened to sue the sunshine state when it came making cars of the future, Arnold has evidently convinced the recalcitrant… »11/30/06 3:51pm11/30/06 3:51pm

Mechanical Resonance: The Tesla Motors Press Intro, Complete With Governator

So we pulled out of San Pedro in the mid-afternoon to make sure we'd make it to Santa Monica Airport in time for the start of the Tesla Motors press intro. Rumors had flown back and forth as to whether or not the Tesla Roadster was simply a rebodied, rebadged Elise with an electric powertrain. The answer to that is… »7/20/06 9:00am7/20/06 9:00am