For $85,000, This 1984 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Ain’t For No Girly Man

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Grand Wagoneer doesn’t just rock a 500-horse biodiesel DuraMax, it also the provenance of having once been owned by the Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s pretty cool, but we’ll see if its price doesn’t terminate your interest in it.

Do you remember the late, great Chris Farley in Tommy Boy singing fat guy in a little coat? That’s what I was humming yesterday while looking at the 82% Nice Price win for our crazy mixed up kid of a 1990 Mercury Marquis, only my lyrics went something like Marquis with a manual, Marquis with big Ford nose, Marquis with a five point oh. Yeah, I’ll have to work on that before I hit the big time.


You know who has already hit the big time - and the maid? That’s right acting fans, Arnold Scharzenegger, who was once the Governor of the great State of California as well, and Mr. Olympia, seven times. He’s also most likely starred in all of your top-five movies, and you have no doubt used a quote from one of those movies within the last 48 hours, I guarantee it.

Ah-nold also once owned this 1984 Jeep Grand Wagoneer, which was specially modified for him by the good folks at West Coast Customs, with a 6.6-litre Duramax V8 added by H-Line Conversions. Offered in I’ll be Black, the Jeep presently sports different wheels from when Arnie owned it. It also has windows tinted darker than a Terminator’s soul and an exhaust pipe bigger than one of the Governator’s prized Cuban stogies.


It’s on the inside where the Schwarz really hits the enegger, as it is not just festooned with fine leathers and reptile hides, but also sports a custom console and a steering wheel the center of which is embossed with the California State seal. That is enough to nix the Jeep ever being bought by anyone in Texas unless a suitable replacement can be found prior to crossing the border.


The coup de grâce of the interior however are the floor mats fitted under the three-rows of seats (rear-most being back-facing), each of which carry a famous Schwarzenegger movie or political quote (that’s the girly man one). I think it’s most appropriate that “Hasta La Vista Baby” is in the back-back. It’s like it’s shining on the people behind you, I mean if they could see it, that is.

Mechanically, the truck has been converted to biodiesel fuel, something you might not expect of Schwarzenegger, a life-long Republican, but here in California even that traditionally conservative party needs to be a little bit environmentally conscious. We do not roll coal out here.


H-Line Conversions knows their stuff, and the switch to a DuraMax diesel that’ll run on used pimple pads and last night’s fried chicken is said in the ad to be good for more than 500-horses and the environment. Co-starring is an Allison transmission and two-speed transfer case for the 4WD. The whole ball of wax has just a little over 12K on all the work.


The bodywork is clean, and much of the bolt-on brightwork - bumpers, mirrors, etc - have been replaced with black-painted and more butch pieces. Overall, it’s very much something you could picture Arnie driving. Only thing is, he doesn’t drive it any more. The Jeep has changed hands - and wheels - a couple times since Arnie so don’t expect to meet him for a test drive.


It’s now being offered by a New York vintage auto dealer, and the asking price is $85,000. Now, if you follow Grand Wagoneer prices like you should, you’ll know that they are generally kind all kinds of crazy. Not making the maid Schwarzen-preggers crazy, mind you, but still, pretty damn expensive. This one is vastly more so, but then it has that Arnie provenance and bespoke custom work. That likely adds to the equation. What do you think, does it all add up to $85,000? Or, is that a price that would have you saying to the seller, I won’t be back?

You decide!


eBay out of New York, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to SuPeRcHaRgER for the hookup!

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