LeBron James Apparently One Person In America Who Likes The Kia K900

Kia has signed an endorsement deal with LeBron James hoping that the basketball star can help the dismal sales of the K900 sedan. But in a strange twist of events, Kia allegedly didn't approach LeBron; he liked the car so much that he asked Kia if he could have one. » 10/16/14 12:20pm 10/16/14 12:20pm

Michigan Dealerships Agree To Stop Ads With Specific Trade-In Values

No matter where you live you have all heard something like this by some local car dealer, "We will pay over blue-book for your trade!" Astute car-buyers know that these claims are nothing more than a trick to get buyers into the dealership. The Michigan Better Business Bureau is looking to put an end to them. » 9/16/14 9:21am 9/16/14 9:21am

This '60s Mustang/Cereal Combo Commercial Is Nice And Offensive

First of all: Rice Krinkles? What the fuck are Rice Krinkles? Everyone knows, for noisy cereal, it's fucking Krispies, not goddamn Krinkles. And, holy crap, their mascot is one of the most painful Asian stereotypes this side of Mickey Rooney. At least the little Mustang in the cereal box is fun. » 9/10/14 9:00pm 9/10/14 9:00pm