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BMW doesn’t sell a self-driving car, but it did take some time to produce a quick 20 second video about what the world would be like if it did. And it turns out, people would fuck.


But I’m pretty sure we all already assumed that. We are still, at our core, fairly primal creatures. We can invent something amazing and revolutionary, say like the internet, or self-driving cars, but our second reaction after amazement will always be ‘this will totally get me laid.’

That maybe be why BMW pulled the ad, as BoingBoing reports.

Now it can only be found on YouTube accounts owned by people clever enough to see what a dumb idea this was and save the video. BMW is getting the order all wrong. You can’t jump right to the sex without full Level 4 autonomy, which we are years away from, if we ever get there. BMW’s ambitious plan to have a Level 3 car in two years and a fully self-driving car by 2024 will still leave horny Bimmer customers stuck doing the deed in public rest areas while on road trips for a while yet.


Let’s develop the technology first, then have sex in it. It’s the only way we’ll get anything done.

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