The word “meh,” despite its meaning, is interesting. The origins could be from Yiddish, but most now agree that it was popularized by the Simpsons. The usage, however, is not in dispute at all: boring, dull, unremarkable, unable to have shits donated, bland. We use it in our own Meh Car Monday series, and recently Honda has started using it in ads to show some very literal Meh cars. The thing is, I’m not so sure those cars would actually be meh.

Here’s the Honda Insight ad, from July:

There’s actually three classes of cars there, Blahs, Mehs, and Ughs. Oh, and a solitary Honda Insight. Now, I get what Honda is saying here, that most cars are boring and beige and forgettable, but, let’s be really honest, it’s not like the Insight is that striking a design, really, and, if we look objectively at these boring-word cars, they’re almost cool.


Okay, sure, the front end design of these is hilariously sad and miserable looking, but check out the UGH cars on the lower right there—that rear window design that folds from the roof into the sides and that sort of Kamm-back design is, well, kinda cool.

Anyway. Moving on.

Let’s get a better look at the UGHs:


Yeah, I don’t hate the UGHs! The big round headlights give them a sort of pleasing retro look. I’d want a less sad grille and a better color (yellow, with stripes, maybe), but I think I could rock an UGH.


From the rear quarter, I don’t even mind the BLAHs, especially with the way that the lower part of the ‘B’ forms an interesting windowed skirt for the rear wheel, a novel design decision.


The MEHs are pretty bad, at least in their cranky, verge-of-tears front ends. Though, if I’m honest, I’m not sure they’re much worse than the current Prius, and I do like the way the ‘E’ door provides a lower-door window.


I don’t know, Honda. Given the choice, I think out of this lineup right above, I might pick one of those UGHs.


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