Autotrader Bot Writes a Kind of Poetic Ford Focus RS Ad

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To us humans, the Ford Focus RS doesn’t really need a flowery description to sell it. Most already know it’s one of the most powerful and enjoyable hot hatchbacks on the market. Apparently our future electronic overlords disagree, and now a bot for Autotrader has penned an overview of the RS for an Idaho dealership which is, honestly, kind of lyrical.

A reader spotted this Autotrader listing for a 2018 Ford Focus RS and asked me “Did they use Google Translate to write this?” No, it’s much more moving than that. A computer reached deep into its beeping, whirling heart and wrote this:

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The vehicle has a 2.3 liter 4 Cylinder Engine high output engine. This vehicle is front wheel drive. Enjoy the tried and true gasoline engine in this model. Impresses the most discerning driver with the deep polished blue exterior on this Ford Focus. Anti-lock brakes will help you stop in an emergency. This Ford Focus has air conditioning that feels like a walk-in refrigerator. See what’s behind you with the back up camera on this small car. Easily set your speed in this Ford Focus with a state of the art cruise control system. Increase or decrease velocity with the touch of a button. This 2018 Ford Focus features a customer bumper. No repair kit necessary; this small car includes a full-size spare tire. This unit features a hands-free Bluetooth phone system. The leather seats in the Focus are a must for buyers looking for comfort, durability, and style. You’ll never again be lost in a crowded city or a country region with the navigation system on this unit. Load groceries and much more with ease into this unit thanks to the power liftgate. This Ford Focus looks aggressive with a streamlined rear spoiler. It features steering wheel audio controls. This model has an adjustable telescoping wheel that allows you to achieve a perfect fit for your driving comfort. This vehicle features tinted windows. with XM/Sirus Satellite Radio you are no longer restricted by poor quality local radio stations while driving this 2018 Ford Focus .

Now the fact that the car is not front-wheel drive doesn’t really matter, does it? Not when there’s so much to appreciate here. Lines like “tried and true gasoline engine” and the “air conditioning that feels like a walk-in refrigerator” really speak to me. And I don’t know about you folks, but I am constantly getting lost in crowded cities, or “country regions,” both emotionally and geographically. But not anymore with the Ford Focus RS.

I spoke with a guy who is one of the sales managers from Woody Smith Ford in Idaho Falls about the ad. It seems these ads are generated by a bot for dealerships through a subscription with Autotrader, and some data wasn’t properly entered, generating this early example of electro-literature.


Whatever. Art is in the eye of the beholder.

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