These Are Your Best Car Stories Of 2017

 Image credit: marshknute
Image credit: marshknute
CountersteerYour true stories of good and bad things that happen in cars.

For about the last year or so, we’ve been running a column here at Jalopnik called Countersteer. Every Tuesday, we’d ask you guys a question, you’d answer in the comments and every Monday, we’d collect our favorites responses from the previous week and package them, nice and neat, into a post for you.

The questions we ask have to do with a variety of topics, including car ownership, driving, habits, opinions and culture, to name a few. We try to find topics where people have personal stories, because those are always the most fun.

These were some of our favorites of this year.

Has A Car Saved Your Relationship?

From Volpe Italiana:


What’s Your Best Story From A Car Meet?

From marshknute:

What Was The Most Memorable Date You Had In A Car?

From ShadowPryde:


What’s Your Saddest ‘Stuck On The Side Of The Road’ Story?

From Arbitrary and Capricious:


What’s Your Most Ridiculous Airplane Horror Story?

From SmugAardvark


What’s The Most Desperate Fix You’ve Ever Performed?

From Eat_Schnitzel:


What Is The Stupidest Thing You’ve Ever Done In A Car?

From Vee:


What Was The Dumbest Shit You Modded Your Car With?

From Mazarin:


What Car Did You Not Expect To End Up Owning?

From bhtooefr:


What Car Do You Unreasonably Hate And Why?

From Gaseous Clay:

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Can someone explain the illegal part in shadowpryde’s story. It revolves around almost getting arrested. But for what? It sounds like they were detained for some reason and let go bc they weren’t actually doing anything illegale?

kinda confused.