What's Your Best Story From A Car Meet?

Image credit: Kristen Lee/Jalopnik
Image credit: Kristen Lee/Jalopnik
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As a car nerd, going to car meets and Cars & Coffee events are pretty much surefire ways to meet other nerds. They’re great gatherings, usually local, where everyone comes out to enjoy cars. You guys already know this, but car people are a real eclectic and super friendly bunch.


I met two of my closest friends at a car meet when I was in college. It took place in the evening in a Wendy’s parking lot not far from campus. I think about 20 to 25 cars showed up. I had just transferred schools, so I didn’t really know anyone and figured that a car meet would be a good place to start making friends. It was also the first time that I’d seen an LS3-swapped RX-7 in person.

My first soon-to-be friend was standing next to his black Mercedes C63 AMG, smoking a cigarette from a long cigarette holder and I decided right on the spot that we had to be buddies. I met my second friend at the Korean BBQ meetup after a car club group outing. We sat next to each other and didn’t hit elbows because we’re both lefties.


What’s your best car meet story? Something good, bad or in between?

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I pulled up nice and early to the local C&C in my beat up POS ‘90 Miata track whip. Rolled on paint, second hand parts, autocross/HPDE numbers and bullshit sponsor stickers all over it, pure beater. (and one hell of a track car) One of my detailing customers spotted me and waved me to park next to his month-old AMG SLS Gullwing, in between him and a mint Ferrari F40. My thousand dollar piece of crap in between a quarter million dollar Merc and The Greatest Ferrari Ever Made.

I parked and greeted my customer, joked about the company around my car, and the F40 owner came over and started asking me all kinds of questions about my POS. Before I knew it, I had the hood up and was fielding questions about my shitty second hand track car to two guys driving my dream cars.

And yet, it didn’t matter that their tire budget alone was more than my annual race budget. We all spoke the same language, and for that morning we were all equals in our passions.

Plus the dude with the F40 totally let me sit in it. I can’t help it, I’m 12 years old on the inside.