What Is The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Done In A Car?

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CountersteerYour true stories of good and bad things that happen in cars.

It just wouldn’t be Jalopnik without some good old self-deprecating humor. Come on, fess up.

Here, as a show of my willingness to participate, I’ll volunteer Deputy Yugo Owner, Mike Ballaban. You may or may not have heard, but Ballaban now has a Yugo. I would love to tell you that it’s an example of pristine automotive engineering and reliability, but it isn’t. It’s actually the antithesis of that.

The stupidest thing Ballaban has ever done in a car is drive the Yugo. At 60 MPH. With rear brakes that don’t work in the slightest.


I’m aware that we’ve asked this question once before in 2014, but it’s been three years. Three years is a lot of time for more dumb shit to amass!

Now, tell me your stories. Don’t be shy—that’s why usernames exist!

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Mercedes Streeter

Ah hell, I’ll jump in. So as some folks here and on Oppositelock know, I’m Trans.

So, in the interim between me coming out to my friends and my parents, I changed clothes in my car (a smart). Such an endeavour required quite a bit of gymnastics, and with the car being so tiny, it was kinda hard to do it in a populated area without spooking people.

So my solution? Change clothes on the other end of a half full parking lot! There’s enough cars there not to raise suspicion and I would be far enough away that nobody would actually see me change! Win Win, right?

Well...One night I was doing my business, and right when I finished and was about to start my car, police lights! Crap.

Officer walks up and I roll down my window. He shines his flashlight into the car, revealing a large pile of guy clothes, a really large box in my boot, and me, all dolled up for a night out. I think there was also a spare wig in visible in his eyesight too.

He got very suspicious and asked me what I’m doing. He said I pulled into the parking lot 45 minutes ago and just sat there. (Damn, he was there the whole time???) I told him the truth about me changing clothes. Now mind you, this was 2014, so trans folk were still invisible to the general public.

Almost panicking now, he asks for my docs. He looks at the license, then back at me, back at the license, back at me, back at the license, back at me. He understands now...The officer shakily said “oh crap I’m sorry! Have yourself a nice night sir, erm, ma’am, uhhhh...damn.”

Then he slowly backed away from my car, got into his cruiser, then got out of the parking lot like he was being chased by a ghost!