After getting over 800 replies on my question to you last week, asking for the worst car advice you’ve ever received, I’m convinced that some people don’t know what they’re talking about.

I suppose it’s part of why the Internet is so amazing—you can fact-check more easily than ever these days. Even if something doesn’t sound fishy, it doesn’t hurt take that extra minute to be certain.


Still, though... there’s no guarantee that the person driving next to you hasn’t followed some bad advice. Keep your eyes open, friends!

Drink Up (BonesqueeshaYaHeard)

But don’t actually drink it, please.

No-Name Gas (David Ruddock)

My friends think I’m an elitist because I won’t buy gas from no-name places. There’s a reason for this!

E-Brake! (slicks30)

How about... don’t speed?

BOOOOST (thedangler)

Yes, that’s how that works.

A Series Of Unfortunate Advice (G42dog)

Don’t listen to any of these.

A Redline A Day... (My X-type is too a real Jaguar)

Maybe if you’re an RX-8 owner.

Everyone Needs To Have Their Knowledge Checked (Mexifinn)

Maybe there should be a mandatory class or something.

Potato (dave1827)

This is the most bizarre one yet.

Black And White Patrol Cars Only (Skriz)

From a driver’s ed teacher? Oh, honey.

Don’t Wear A Seatbelt (MotoMott)


Look Out! (RevengencerAlf)

Just let off.

Recalibrate (CarsofFortLangley)

On drum brakes, maybe.

Oil Problems (Chairman Kaga)

That’s not how any of this works!

The Same Culprit (Crazy Bastard)

We have to keep an eye on these people! They’re doing more harm than good.

They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To! (themanwithsauce)

Rolling coffin!

YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US (T off the New)

If you think this, go away.

That Actually Turned Out Well (Paullubbock)

Porsche owners. Who would have thought?

AWD Is Teh Best!!1! (Misterfu02)

Snow tires, man. We’ve been through this.

Just, What? (case-sensitive)

You have evidence to back this up?

A Mini Adventure (Porthos)

Vet everybody.