What Is The Worst Piece Of Car Advice You've Ever Received?

As we already know, internet forums are sometimes the worst places to go when you’re looking for car advice. But bad advice doesn’t always come from strangers on the internet.


It could come from our friends and family. Our neighbors and our coworkers. Our local firefighters or clergypeople. The Feds. Anyone well-meaning, really.

And it doesn’t have to be wrenching advice, either. It could be something like, “Hey, Tavarish, why don’t you go buy a BMW?”

Did someone tell you that driving a certain way would be better? That putting your car in neutral will help it save fuel? That batting your eyelashes at the officer would help you get out of a ticket?

Give me some bad ideas.

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T off the New

“It’s OK to stay in the left lane as long as I can do the speed limit”

-I no longer know this person