Your Ridiculous Stories Of The First Time You Drove A Car

 Image credit: David Kessler/Flickr
Image credit: David Kessler/Flickr
CountersteerYour true stories of good and bad things that happen in cars.

As a young gearhead, getting behind the wheel of a car for the first time must have been thrilling. This was certainly the first step toward driving that Lamborghini or Ferrari in the post you had up on your bedroom wall.


Last week, I asked you guys about the first time you drove a car. Was it thrilling? As liberating as you thought it was going to be? Terrifying?


Let’s find out.

Mint ‘Stang (caffeinetriplet)

Unhappy with being fenced in.

Altitude (thedangler)

The best thing to hear from your pilot.


Tracks (WheelsOff)



Option C (rte148)

A for effort!


Driving To Work (Joseph Stallion)

Hello and welcome to the comments section, where nothing bad ever happens ever.


Get A Feel (DBG)



Odyssey (alexgiangreco056)

An odyssey of different sorts.


Driving Alone (bbutle01)

What is that smell?


Rally (Swedish Steel is best steel)

“You steer.”


Through (RandomPhotographer)

No harm would befall him.


Instructions (Rusty Starship)

Following them exactly as you heard them.


Coordination (Bigger Putz)

That Subaru.


Influence (JTSnooks)

What a first drive.


Mother (NeonBlaqk)

Mother knows best.

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I missed my chance at this last week, so, you get it today. I actually have a few... because who needs just one ‘first time’ experience?

1: This one isn’t necessarily about ‘driving’, but, my mom used to let me shift using my left hand while she was driving. This started when I was maybe six or seven. Amazingly enough, this helped a ton when I was older and needed to drive a manual in Australia.

2: My mom bought my older brother a Jeep Cherokee manual as his first car. And, she was going to teach me to drive it in a large parking lot. The lot had a fence around it and a 5-6 foot drop to another lot below it. I get it going in first gear, no problem... second gear... yep, good to go.... oh, we are coming up to the point where I need to turn it around as we are approaching both the fence, and the drop.... downshift.... ummmm. or UP-SHIFT and give it extra gas because I thought was downshifting and somehow understood rev matching... And, end driving lessons...

3: My dad lived on a: a huge hill, I’m talking about a 2oom driveway, all uphill, and steep. And b: a very busy road. So, what is his plan for teaching me to drive his brand new F250 Manual? (The only new car I have every known him to have) Back it down to the bottom of the hill with the tailgate basically in the road... get out and say “when you make it to the top, you can come inside”.... Several stalls and one very long skid mark on the driveway later. I got to come inside and recover... it worked though.