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We all have to start somewhere, right? Let’s wind the clocks back and get to the beginning of things, where it all started. What was it like, the first time you drove a car?


I was 15 when I first got behind the wheel of a car. I know, that’s kind of late. Anyway, it was my friend’s dad’s old GMC Jimmy with a column-mounted shifter and so much play in the steering that it was laughable. I was only supposed to back it out of the driveway and move it to the driveway next door.

I didn’t know that automatic cars would roll without you giving them any gas, so I put the Jimmy into reverse and gassed it. The car shot out into the road and nearly collided with a telephone pole across the street. I slammed on the brakes, my heart in my throat. Lesson learned!


What about you guys?

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