What Was The Dumbest Shit You Modded Your Car With?

 Image credit: David Locke/Flickr
Image credit: David Locke/Flickr
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We learn in psychology that the last part of the brain to fully develop is the prefrontal cortex, which is involved in handy things like judgment, impulse control, learning from mistakes and forethought. This development can extend into a person’s mid-twenties. Which means that most teenagers have poor judgement when they go to mod their cars.


It certainly feels like the world is your oyster when you’re a teenager with your first car and enough leftover cash for some mods, doesn’t it? When that was the case, no spoiler was too big, no exhaust too loud and no tint too dark.

Never mind that snotty lady living across the street and her judgey eyes every time you come home late. Never mind the cops that give you tickets for noise code penalties and visibility violations. Fuck ‘em all.


Fast forward 10 years and you’re looking through old photos and you come across a picture of that old car and you think to yourself, goddammit.

What was the dumbest teenage shit you did to your car? Please send pictures.

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The dumbest shit I modded my car with was my ex-husband.