Photo credit: Patrick George
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I am of the opinion that if more animals had opposable thumbs, they’d be driving the cars. But, since more than likely they don’t, they just sit in the cars. And you know what? That’s perfectly fine!

Above, you can see Jalopnik Editor-in-Chief Patrick George’s boys. They are two very good boys.


Here is a delightful corgi from Raphael Orlove.

Photo credit: Raphael Orlove
Photo credit: Jason Torchinsky

These fine fellas belong to Jason Torchinsky. That’s Abby on the left and Oliver on the right.

Photo credit: Tom McParland

This is Petey, belonging to the McParland family.

Photo credit: Kristen Lee

And this is Nala. She belongs to my boyfriend’s family.


Now it’s your turn! Show me some of your pets in cars!

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