This Is Why You Can't Unlock A Car Door If Someone Is Trying To Open It At The Same Time

This is one of the most common shared experiences in all of automobilia: You’re outside a car, trying to get in. The person inside the car is attempting to open the door lock at the same time you’re pulling the handle to open the door. A comedy of errors ensues, with each of your actions canceling out the other’s,…

This Is Why Some Automatic Transmissions Shift Straight and Some Are All Zig-Zaggy

If you’ve ever looked at floor-mounted automatic transmission shift levers, with either disdain or genuine gratitude, you’ve probably noticed that they tend to fall into two main categories: the ones that have a simple, linear path through the PRNDL family, and those that use a convoluted, maze-like route through the…

Here's The Difference Between Synthetic And Normal Motor Oil, And What The Numbers On The Bottle Mean

I just changed the oil in my Nissan Pao last week, and in doing so I was warned—several times—that my plan to replace the conventional oil in my car with synthetic was a terrible idea. But you know what? It’s not! That got me thinking that maybe a little oil refresher might be of use. Not to you, of course, you know

Here's Why Automakers Don't Advertise How Long It Takes To Fully Charge An Electric Car

Almost every EV in production today has one thing in common—lithium ion batteries, from the Tesla Model 3 to the Nissan Leaf and Jaguar I-Pace. As the EV market gets more competitive, automakers have started benchmarking charge times to only 80 percent. Why don’t they advertise how long it takes to fully charge?

Mexico City's 'Beetleland' Is Where The Unlicensed Volkswagen Beetle Cabs Still Thrive

The market, like nature, finds a way. Despite their ancient design, Volkswagen Beetles were famously still made in Mexico until 2003 and incredibly common as Mexico City taxi cabs until 2012. They’re illegal for cab use there now for being too unsafe, but the city’s Cuautepec area is plenty dangerous on its own.