Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Wearing a "Save the Enzos" shirt isn't doing enough. You're going to need to take one for the team. And now here's your chance, Richie Rich.

Last time, 65% of you thought the Fiat 850 Spider Project Car was crack pipe for the 11 grand asking price. Today, we've got another Italian for you to ponder the merits of.

You'll need to cash in those savings bonds from Grandma, check between the sofa cushions for loose change, and start hanging around outside of bars early in the morning so you can roll drunks, because you're going to need a little spending cash here. Nice Price or Crack Pipe is going all Eddie Griffin on our bad selves, and is serving up an '03 Ferrari Enzo for a cool $1,190,000. Geez, it nearly gives me a nose bleed just writing that.


This 12 cylinder black stallion, one of 399 built, and even fewer left on the road owing to its 13/10ths driving capability requirements, will shame just about anything else in your garage. Unless of course your name is Jay Leno- and it's not, is it?

There's not too much to the description- black over red, 1,900 miles, and interestingly, the note of the repair of damage caused by a valet who had seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off one too many times.

For a little over a million, you could literally "spend it all in one place" as you join the hallowed names of Enzo owners past and present- Jay Kay, Michael Schumacher, and Stefan Eriksson, the Swedish douchebag. Not only that, but this Enzo is special- as you Garp fans will note, it is predisastered. You will be able to drive it knowing that nothing bad could happen to you, as that irresponsible valet has already popped this car's accident cherry.


So is $1,190,000 (whoa, getting dizzy writing that number again) a nice price for what many consider the holy grail of present day automobiledom? Or do you call crack pipe, because buying this car would leave you haunted by the bereft, wanting eyes of all the orphan children you could have fed with that money?

You decide!


Craigslist, or go here if the ad gets craig de-listed. Thanks to Roy Wert for the tip!


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