$11,000 1967 Fiat 850 Spider Project Car

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

For today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe you'll need to start dressing right, because we've got an almost-there, '67 Fiat 850 Spider for 11 grand, and they don't afford you much left-side legroom.

Last time, 67% of you arm chair Andrettis thought the 1971 Merlyn racer was Nice Price worthy. Today, we've got a petite, topless-loving italian to test your automotive pricing BS meters. It's a '67 Fiat 850 Spider with a Buy-It-Now price of 11,000. That's dollars, not lira.


That's a lot of chianti and pizza for a Fiat with an engine smaller than most Harleys. But these are cars that engender a lot of love from their owners, and the current title holder does seem to have a soft spot in his head heart for the cars. That's not to say he's not taking a hardline on the price. The seller threatens to part it out if he doesn't get his price - selling it off piece by piece - much as a mobster might do seeking ransom for a captured adversary.

The description of this red, rear-engine roadster claims many a new part, and not only a bored 965cc engine, but twin solex 40mm side draughts. That may seem like a lot of carburetor for such a little engine, but those velocity stacks sure look nice.

Now, you should note that this 850 is not a runner- it is a Fiat after all. The seller says it's 85% done, and has 99% of the parts necessary for completion, including $8,000 in NOS parts on or about the car. So keep that in mind as you judge it.


So what will it be with this espresso-sized two seater? Is $11,000 a nice price for this Italian-red roadster, or is the seller 85% of the way to crack pipe, with 99% chance he's not going to get that price for it?


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