The Ferrari Enzo owned by Jamiroquai's Jay Kay was brutalized by a yet unconfirmed assailant at the Brudenell Hotel in Aldeburgh, Suffolk. We've got the full damage report inside.

The hotel's pastry chef, 21-year-old Aaron Billington, was arrested on suspicion of causing "thousands of pounds of damage to the car." Must've been a heavy bloke.

The damage consists of a cracked windscreen and a busted side window. Repairs are estimated at £7,000, or a bajillion dollars American, whichever comes first. The singer, who owns "four Ferraris and seven Porsches," was described as both devastated and forlorn. We at Jalopnik are similarly distraught, though not as distraught had it been our own Enzo.


Do we have to begin Saving The Enzos again, or can the pastry chefs of the world keep it in their collective pants?