Who Are The 'Vauxhall Cannibals' And What The Hell Are They Up To?

Right this moment, if you’re a Vauxhall around Bedfordshire, UK, you’re probably pissing your sump with fear right now. That’s because a mysterious criminal organization dubbed the Vauxhall Cannibals are around, and they’ve brutally stripped or stolen parts from over 500 Vauxhalls so far. Just Vauxhalls. What’s going… »7/14/15 9:57am7/14/15 9:57am


This is the World's Most Interesting Vauxhall Viva

New Zealand is quite possibly the most car-crazy per capita country in the entire world, as we at TST recently learned by touring the whole country for two weeks. Most importantly, Kiwis take incredible pride in doing everything themselves, from body work, to making parts, to repurposing parts that never should have… »3/12/15 12:09pm3/12/15 12:09pm

Someone 'Leaks' The Opel Corsa OPC But No One Cares

Oh ho ho! Someone's gonna lose their job over this one! The whole internet is collectively shitting their internet-pants over this dazzling wower of a leak of pictures the new Opel Corsa OPC ahead of its official reveal and ... aw, screw it. I can't even pretend to give a shit. Sorry, Opel, but today wasn't the best »2/03/15 10:26am2/03/15 10:26am