Image via Yahoo News screengrab
Image via Yahoo News screengrab

Remember Peter Maddox, the 84-year-old U.K resident whose yellow car was vandalized for “destroying a picturesque view” while parked at his village home? Recently, everyone from drivers of ice-cream trucks to Lamborghini owners paraded through the village in yellow vehicles to support him.


Shortly after the vandalization, Maddox said he parked his yellow Vauxhall Corsa outside of his home because there was no other place to park. Maddox, a retired dentist, moved to the picturesque 14th-century Bibury village when his wife died 15 years ago.

The vehicle got a lot of attention for ruining people’s Instagram shots of the village, and reports were that the vandalism earlier this year—including a message keyed into the car that said “MOVE”—did $7,500 worth of damage. Photos can be found here.


Maddox said in February that if insurance would cover the damages, he planned to buy a lime-green replacement. The Telegraph reported later that month that Maddox instead got a replacement Corsa in gray, with his daughter telling the Telegraph:

“Vauxhall were able to get him a new car very quickly. Obviously, it is sad to lose the yellow one but he feels he does not want to antagonise anyone with a bright colour. He just wants to drive peacefully.”

But yellow car owners across the country weren’t content with the vandals winning this one. Instead, the BBC reports that 100 yellow cars—that was the limit set for safety, or there might have been more—showed up to the village recently to parade through and show Maddox that not everyone is against his car choices.

The BBC reports that Maddox said he was “overwhelmed” with the support for his former yellow car, and video footage of the parade—and everything from yellow three-wheelers to Porsches—can be found over at Yahoo News.

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