Unique Performance Assets Going Up For Auction, Again

Though Unique Performance the company may be dead, the drama lives on. At least until Doug Hasty goes to jail, if that's what ends up happening. We mentioned earlier that an auction of Unique Performance equipment netted more than a million dollars, which was unfortunately only enough to cover taxes and not screwed… » 5/12/08 4:20pm 5/12/08 4:20pm

Unique Performance Federal Felony Update

Monday we reported that the feds weren't pursuing Unique Performance in the ongoing Unique Performance drama. We had some guesses for why federal prosecutors might pass on this particular case given the fact that a spokesperson said that federal crimes were obviously committed. Our best guess was that they looked at… » 4/17/08 5:00pm 4/17/08 5:00pm

Unique Performance To Avoid Federal Prosecution, Local Authorities Still Building A Case

An update on the Unique Performance saga, it turns out that the U.S. Attorney's office in Dallas will not be prosecuting Doug Hasty or the company, saying "Even though federal crimes have been committed" they're not going to pursue them. Though they haven't given a reason why, we've got a couple of guesses. The most… » 4/14/08 12:30pm 4/14/08 12:30pm

Unique Performance Customers Suing Carroll Shelby

Having invested millions of dollars in cars that, if they were ever started, have probably been auctioned off or are sitting in an evidence locker, at least two Unique Performance customers have put together a lawsuit against Carroll Shelby. Why? Shelby licensed his name to some of the vehicles. To his credit, Shelby… » 4/02/08 1:30pm 4/02/08 1:30pm

Unique Performance Auction Nets More Than $1,000,000 Dollars, But That's Not Enough

Because Unique Performance declared bankruptcy and had debts outstanding, what was left in the UP warehouse was auctioned off this weekend. The hope was that, after the $900K went to the government there would be some left over for the 140 individuals with claims (including 40 employees owed back-pay). According to… » 3/27/08 8:50pm 3/27/08 8:50pm

Unique Performance Assets, Hundreds Of Shelby Mustang Shells Going Up For Auction

We have a tip from a former employee of Unique Performance, one of the ones Unique Performance owes back pay to, that the company's numerous assets will be going up for auction to cover the approximately $900,000 owed to the IRS after they filed for Bankruptcy. Well, the assets not needed as evidence in the 25 felony… » 3/06/08 2:30pm 3/06/08 2:30pm

Police Submit 25 Felony Charges Against Unique Performance Executives

Another development in the Unique Performance drama, as CBS-11 is reporting that the Farmers Branch PD has finished their investigation and submitted 25 felony charges against Unique Performance to the Dallas County District Attorney. The nature of these charges aren't clear, but they likely have to do with fraud and … » 2/27/08 12:45pm 2/27/08 12:45pm

Unique Performance Mustangs Allegedly Built By Prisoners, Used 13 Gallons Of Bondo

Just when we thought there would be a break from the Unique Performance Saga, we get word that things were even more rotten in the city of Farmers Branch. First, an investigation by CBS11-TV has turned up solid evidence that unskilled Texas prisoners were used to do the bodywork on the replica "Eleanor" Mustangs,… » 2/23/08 11:40am 2/23/08 11:40am

Unique Performance Owner Finally Speaks, More Details Emerge

There's a great article in The Dallas Morning News today regarding the ongoing saga of custom Mustang builder Unique Performance, which includes important details regarding the current state of the investigation and the first real comments from CEO Doug Hasty. There's a lot of blame to go around, and no one seems… » 12/28/07 3:45pm 12/28/07 3:45pm

Unique Performance Employees Ask For Owed Wages

Many people have read All The President's Men, which covers the investigation into the Watergate scandal that eventually forced President Nixon to resign. Less people have read Final Days, the sequel, which chronicles the final months of the administration and the eventual decision to step down. But those who have… » 12/21/07 12:45pm 12/21/07 12:45pm

Unique Performance Ex-Employee Alleges Company Holding Out on Employees

It's not a big surprise to us, but someone claiming to be a former employee of Unique Performance has said that employees that stuck around until the end haven't been paid yet. Given that Unique Performance filed for Bankruptcy, we're saying the odds aren't great that they're going to get what is owed them. Full email… » 12/06/07 4:15pm 12/06/07 4:15pm

Unique Performance Files for Bankruptcy

We sort of wish we hadn't called this, but AutoWeek is reporting that Unique Performance filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection on November 12th, less than a week after being raided by the fuzz for title-washing and other crimes. This means the company has no plans to rebuild itself and, worse, owes between $1 and… » 11/29/07 3:15pm 11/29/07 3:15pm

NY Times Reports on Unique Performance... Finally

The Gray Lady finally catches on to something we've been reporting for more than two weeks and we learn absolutely nothing new. One thing the author focuses on is that the likelihood that the value of these cars, which was probably not going to increase anyways, could seriously decrease. What we know and what all of… » 11/26/07 7:45am 11/26/07 7:45am

Foose Cuts All Ties With Unique Performance

The ongoing Unique Performance saga continues, with Chip Foose and Foose Design joining Shelby as ex-partners. Not only is the company jumping ship, it's also considering legal action against Unique Performance. No one has gone to jail yet, but property has been seized and it looks like it's heading that way. Calls to… » 11/12/07 11:00am 11/12/07 11:00am

Oh No Eleanor! Unique Performance Accused of Title Washing

The walls are coming down around Dallas-based Unique Performance, maker of the Shelby-sort-of-endorsed Mustang GT500E Super Snake replicas and other specialty vehicles. Apparently, people have been fronting extensive chunks of change for their pricey Eleanors and not getting them for years. But that isn't why the cops… » 11/05/07 8:59pm 11/05/07 8:59pm

Mustang, Redux: Foose Stallion Now Available At Ford Dealerships

We had some other things on our mind a couple of weeks ago, so we've got to apologize to the man, the myth, the marketing maven that is Chip Foose. Foose announced earlier this month his newest creation, the Mustang-derived Stallion, is now available for purchase at all sorts of local FoMoCo dealerships. The… » 1/22/07 3:56pm 1/22/07 3:56pm

In the Flesh: The 1970 Foose Dodge Challenger

Earlier this year, Foose Design and Unique Performance announced a teamup to build a limited-edition 1970 Dodge Challenger. Say hello to their little car. Production of the E-body throwbacks — which are built on the bones of original 1970 and 1971 Challengers — started midyear, with the first series model planned to… » 11/06/06 9:08am 11/06/06 9:08am

Chip Foose and Unique Performance to Build '70 Challenger Homage

Chip Foose, customizer, illustrator, artist (and all-around decent guy), is extending his association with Unique Performance — builder of six-figure custom muscle-car (don't-call-them) reproductions, like the Foose '69 Camaro, Foose Stallion Mustang and Shelby GT.500E Super Snake. The two are planning to give the… » 6/13/06 2:00pm 6/13/06 2:00pm