Unique Performance Owner Finally Speaks, More Details Emerge

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There's a great article in The Dallas Morning News today regarding the ongoing saga of custom Mustang builder Unique Performance, which includes important details regarding the current state of the investigation and the first real comments from CEO Doug Hasty. There's a lot of blame to go around, and no one seems content to take any, but as a former Unique Performance spokesman told us:

"This shit is really outrageous to me, since I always detected that something was up when I'd show up at their shop/offices. Title washing? Yeah, normal people and drug dealers just call that money laundering."


More sordid details below the jump.

Hasty is claiming that the problems originally sprang from bum engines delivered by Carroll Shelby's company in Las Vegas, which slowed down the process of producing the cars for delivery. He also claims Shelby delivered sheet metal and body work that were not up to UP's standards. Shelby, understandably, claims otherwise.

On the issue of title washing, whereby the VINs of the cars do not match or in some cases may not exist, Hasty claims that some paperwork may have not been filed properly but that he has records for every car.

As for the police investigation, no charges have been filed but the Farmers Branch Police Department, which led the raid last month, is claiming the issues that there's so much evidence needed to sort through in order to make one large case.

And as for the cars? Well. The lawsuit continues but most customers who commented seemed resigned to never getting them, despite the $15 million spent on deposits. It's a great, complete story worth reading. (h/t James) [Dallas Morning News]


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@crazygutgut: Yeah, I agree. Anyone who is in that financial situation and then dumps that much money on a car... any car... is too stupid for me to care about.