Unique Performance Customers Suing Carroll Shelby

Having invested millions of dollars in cars that, if they were ever started, have probably been auctioned off or are sitting in an evidence locker, at least two Unique Performance customers have put together a lawsuit against Carroll Shelby. Why? Shelby licensed his name to some of the vehicles. To his credit, Shelby did pull his licensing agreement after receiving complaints. But was he paid royalties? How long did he know? We're not sure if these suits will have standing, but so far we've yet to get a comment out of Carroll Shelby and are awaiting a comment from his lawyer. [CBS-11]



All of the litigiousness in this country has to end sometime. It's clear that these "buyers" were victims, and it is someone's fault.

Sadly, that someone hasn't the funds to repay, so a [sarcasm] brilliant [\sarcasm] lawyer decides to go after the only party left with the means of reparations.

It IS someone's fault. Carrol Shelby is not that someone.

It's sad that they have lost (likely) a lot of money, but that doesn't entitle them to take it back from somemone who didn't take it from them. If someone steals my car, I can't lay claim to my neighbor's car to "set things right".