Unique Performance To Avoid Federal Prosecution, Local Authorities Still Building A Case

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An update on the Unique Performance saga, it turns out that the U.S. Attorney's office in Dallas will not be prosecuting Doug Hasty or the company, saying "Even though federal crimes have been committed" they're not going to pursue them. Though they haven't given a reason why, we've got a couple of guesses. The most obvious is that it would be redundant given the 25 felony charges against Unique Performance submitted by local prosecutors, who are apparently still vigorously pursuing the cars. Slightly less likely, federal prosecutors agreed to back off if Hasty and company agreed to a plea bargain. Another real possibility is that the U.S. Attorneys office would rather be pursuing political corruption or terrorism cases than some crooked carmaker whose assets have been auctioned off.


Just a quick recap for those who haven't been following this, Eleanor-duplicate maker Unique Performance was raided after customer complaints. During the raid police noticed missing VIN numbers on many cars, indicating title washing. The company then filed for bankruptcy so it wouldn't have to pay employees or customers. And they may have also used prison labor illegally. So, yeah, we still think someone is going to jail.

[CBS-11 via 67mustangblog]


Jeff Glucker

It was odd watching Rides HD this past weekend... They had an older episode which showed the big Year One event in Georgia.

The big theme of the show was the Year One vs Unique Mustang (on the dyno and the track)... I felt bad for the Unique employees, they seemed happy then with no idea what was coming in a few years.

Year One wins the business battle I guess...