Unique Performance Assets, Hundreds Of Shelby Mustang Shells Going Up For Auction

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We have a tip from a former employee of Unique Performance, one of the ones Unique Performance owes back pay to, that the company's numerous assets will be going up for auction to cover the approximately $900,000 owed to the IRS after they filed for Bankruptcy. Well, the assets not needed as evidence in the 25 felony charges against Unique Performance. Among things going on the block are more than one hundred 1967-69 Shelby Mustangs in various conditions (some with original titles).


Employees hope that the sale will cover the back-taxes so that they can get their back-pay. You'll remember one employee told us that Unique Performance lied about paychecks to get people to continue working. Details below:

Unique Performance/Unique Motorcars Auction

Bankruptcy Case No. 07-36211-BJH-7, Vintage Automotive Restoration. Moved for convenience of sale: Bankruptcy Case No.07-31392-BJH-7 Secure Car Armour Corp., armored luxury cars and bankruptcy case no. 07-45584-DML-7, Thomas Estate, 2005 Hummer
March 27th, 2008, 10:00 AM
13950 Senlac Drive, Farmers Branch, TX 75234
Tuesday, March 25, 2008 from 9 am until 4 pm (CDT)
Online Only

[Rosen Online Auction]



@racerx: Often times an auctioneer will bring in lots from other clients that either didn't sell at a prior auction or items that won't make up an auction by themselves. The Hummer and the Benz are from other bankruptcy cases but Rosen systems is selling them in the Unique Performance auction for the feds.

However, my experience in some of these auctions has me a bit jaded. I can almost guarantee that most everything in this particular auction will sell for way more than its worth. However, that's a good thing and I hope the employees end up with something out of it.