Unique Performance Federal Felony Update

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Monday we reported that the feds weren't pursuing Unique Performance in the ongoing Unique Performance drama. We had some guesses for why federal prosecutors might pass on this particular case given the fact that a spokesperson said that federal crimes were obviously committed. Our best guess was that they looked at the 25 state felony charges against the company and decided it wasn't worth it. Our source sort of confirms this below the jump.


From what we have heard from the Dallas County D.A. they would much prefer to have Doug in a nasty state prison somewhere in west Texas in the 100+ degree sun than in some Federal country club where he can get visits from his girlfriend. Plus Governor Perry would surely prefer to have him under his control since he was made to look like an ass on TV by Stephanie Lucerio asking him why they were having his prisoners cutting VIN plates off cars inside the prison.

The source on this is someone with ties to the company. We're going to keep his or her name to ourselves because of issues with Doug Hasty, the owner of Unique Performance, allegedly hassling people who talk to the media.


Matt Hardigree

@iamverb: Good news, the governor who couldn't lead a silent prayer is running for re-re-election.