In the Flesh: The 1970 Foose Dodge Challenger

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Earlier this year, Foose Design and Unique Performance announced a teamup to build a limited-edition 1970 Dodge Challenger. Say hello to their little car. Production of the E-body throwbacks — which are built on the bones of original 1970 and 1971 Challengers — started midyear, with the first series model planned to be sold at the 2007 Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale. Visuals come by way of the Foosian pen, while mechanicals include a choice of crate Hemi, rear suspension by Unique Performance and speed tech by Georgia's Year One. For you? $189,000. [Gallery]


Press Release

Unique Performance and Foose Design have come together to bring a limited edition supercar, which is based on the 1970-71 HEMI Challenger, to MOPAR fans worldwide. The two companies will turn a limited number of the Dodges into world-class performance machines with 21st century speed technology including parts from Georgia based Year One. The prototype was completed in June 2006 and production began in 2006.

The team is transforming original 1970 and 1971 Challengers with contemporary wheels, engines, suspensions, transmissions and interiors. Each Foose Challenger is clad in DuPont's Hot Hues custom finish and have a sleek custom interior. Either a 347 c.i.d. HEMI small block or a 426 c.i.d HEMI big block can be mated to the TKO 5-speed transmission.

The car features a Unique Performance Products rear suspension, 4-wheel disc Baer brakes, staggered Foose wheels and BFGoodrich tires. Styling cues include Foose emblems, a custom front grill, shaved bumpers and custom hood. Each car has a unique serial number for documentation purposes.

Award-winning Chip Foose designed the Foose Challenger. His creative ideas are the driving force behind the respected automotive and product development company Foose Design. Headquartered in Huntington Beach, Calif., it specializes in illustration, graphics, ideation model making, surfacing and complete construction of automobiles and automobile-related products.

With the addition of the 1970-71 Dodge Foose Challenger, Unique Performance now offers a limited edition muscle car from each of the major automotive OEMs including Ford, GM and Chrysler. The first production Foose Challenger will be sold at the 2007 Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.



* 5.7L Modern Hemi, 360 HP
* Mopar 426 Hemi, 540 HP *
* Fully Tuned High Performance Carburetor
* Electronic Fuel Injection System *



* Tremec TKO 5-Speed Transmission


* Custom Hydraulic Clutch


* Two-Tone High Bucket Vinyl Seats w/ Suede Insert
* Two-Tone High Bucket Leather Seats w/ Suede Insert *
* Foose Floor Mats
* Carbon Fiber Gauge Package
* 15" Black Leather Wrap Steering Wheel
* Old Air Products A/C System
* Extreme Sound Dampening Package
* Custom 4-Point Roll Cage
* OEM Type Carbon Fiber Pistol Grip Shifter


Stereo Systems

* CD Player Stereo System
* LCD AM/FM/CD/DVD Navigation Custom Console*
* 10-Disc CD Player Stereo System*


Wheels and Tires

* Foose Designed Wheels: 19x8" Front, 20X10" Rear
* Z-Rated Tires: 245/40/19ZR Front, 295/40/20ZR Rear



* Chip Foose Designed Five-Tone Paint & Graphics
* Chip Foose Designed OEM Body Enhancements
* Foose Emblems
* Modified Front Lower Valance w/ PIAA Light System
* Custom 55w Dual Headlight System


Rear End

* Modified Posi-Traction Rearend 31-Spline Type Rotating Assembly


* Quick Ratio Power Steering Rack
* 5-Way Adjustable Tilt Column


* Front: Baer 14" Extreme System
* Rear: Baer 13" Extreme System
* Slotted, Cross Drilled & Zinc Washed Rotors
* Adjustable Rear Bias Proportioning Valve



* Headers w/Ceramic Coating
* Dual 2.5" Exhaust with "X" Pipe
* 2.5" Aluminum Mufflers



* Aluminum Cross Flow Radiator
* Electric Cooling Fan, Pull Type

Chassis and Suspension

* Tubular Front Coilover Supension
* Competition Type Front K-Member
* Parallel Bar 4-Link Rear Coilover
* Unique Performance Products Rear Coilover Supension*


* Denotes upgrade

Chip Foose and Unique Performance to Build '70 Challenger Homage [internal]




Foose only seems to get priase on Jalopnik whereas Boyd Coddington gets razzed a lot. Why is that?

As for this car... $189k is insane. $90k would be the low end of insane, but at least I'd have expected that price tag. For that money, I think I'd buy something like half a McLaren Mercedes. Haha.