Oh No Eleanor! Unique Performance Accused of Title Washing

The walls are coming down around Dallas-based Unique Performance, maker of the Shelby-sort-of-endorsed Mustang GT500E Super Snake replicas and other specialty vehicles. Apparently, people have been fronting extensive chunks of change for their pricey Eleanors and not getting them for years. But that isn't why the cops raided the place. It gets worse (unless you're out $250K) after the jump.

When Farmers Branch, Texas police raided the place they found 61 vintage cars (the video report from the local CBS affiliate shows mostly Mustangs) in various levels of construction. After lifting the hoods, cops found VIN plates to be fake. And underneath? You guessed it. They found signs of significant scratching where the old ones were.


Title-washing seems like a good idea if there are a limited number of vintage Mustangs around and you want to pick up some salvage ones on the cheap. Unique Performance isn't a small operation (they also do work with Foose), so this could spell big problems for those who have already put down deposits when the Feds get involved. We'll follow this story as it develops. [CBS 11 TV]



Well, according to Unique Performance Website (which is still up by the way) They Do take rescued mustangs, and then totally rebuild them to like new condition. And yes, that even state that they assign new VIN #'s and they will be registered into Shelby Registry. I think the reason for this action is that they are building brand new re-creations of 68-70 Shelby's. If they have brand new vin numbers, there is a whole Pandora's Box of legal issues when it comes to regulations. Like, all of the current Safety and Emmission related hardware necessary for a new car. Like, what is the actual value for taxation purposes (both the Sales Tax, and the Property Taxes afterwards). This is a bit different than the Alpina or RUF examples....