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More on the Foose Stallions for 2007

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

No blower or other speed-shop tweaks come standard with the production Foose Stallion Mustangs; the partnership between Sir Chip and the hammerheads at Unique Performance comprises mainly body cosmetics, wheels and brakes. The latter tweak involves adding Baer two-pot calipers in the front and cross-drilled "Decelarotors" at all four corners, which add bite to the anemic stoppers on the Mustang GT donor cars. Body mods include reshaped hood and side moldings, revised grille, new fascia, custom side marker lights and side scoops, along with custom graphics and DuPont Hot Hues paint. A performance exhaust comes special delivery from Ford Racing Performance. Options include two-tone paint, racing stripes, chrome wheels and a "power pack" from Ford Racing that includes cold air induction and ECM recalibrated for premium fuel for an estimated 335 hp. No word on price, but AutoWeek once predicted the cars would go for around $40,000 each, with a production capacity of up to 3,000. With such mass merchandising becoming the norm for ol' Chip, can "Fooseical the Musical" be far behind? [Gallery]


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Could the 'Eleanor' headlight treatment be any more played out? Snazzy hood and quarter window replacements though.

billet grill for the loss.