The improbable life of Stan Bush's "The Touch"

This cheeseball rock anthem first came to prominence as the "theme" of the 1986 Transformers animated movie. Since then, it's managed to crop up in the strangest of places — and seemingly refuses to die. » 7/04/10 12:58pm 7/04/10 12:58pm

Random Transformers Movie Props Up For Auction

Props from both Transformers films will be be auctioned off next month. Lots include this giant styrofoam head of Optimus Prime, a full-size Bumblebee robot and lots of Megan Fox costumes to please weirdos. » 9/23/09 5:00pm 9/23/09 5:00pm

Transformers: Revenge Of The Awful

Unlike the first movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen isn't a cargasm, nor has it necessarily become what we were told to expect — a robogasm. Instead, it's an attack on the intelligence of moviegoers under a pretense of fan-boyishness. » 6/24/09 3:30pm 6/24/09 3:30pm

Aprilia Races RSV 1000 R With Transformers Livery, First Sign Of Human…

The Aprilia RSV 1000 R raced under Transformers 2 livery at Road America this weekend. An indication of another Aprilia product placement or the first step in a robotic war to enslave humanity? » 6/08/09 10:30am 6/08/09 10:30am

Decepticon Baddie Revealed By Sam Witwicky

"The initial spark of his look [was] the actual Decepticon logo. He's the ancestor, the first version of this exoskeleton," said Shia LaBeouf, revealing this first shot of "The Fallen," the villain from Transformers 2. » 6/01/09 3:00pm 6/01/09 3:00pm

Transformers 2: Three New TV Spots Debut Chevy Hick-Bot

Michael Bay's website just dropped three new TV commercials for next month's Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. What do they show? How about the Chevy Beat talking! And he sounds like a hick! A Chevy that's also a hick? Who woulda thunk it? » 5/20/09 10:30pm 5/20/09 10:30pm

Transformers 2 Trailer: Screen Shot Mega-Gallery

Last night we brought you the third Transformers 2 trailer in high-resolution awesomeness. Today, thanks to friends at TFW2005, we have this 58-shot mega-gallery of 1080P robogasmic, Megan Fox-y, Autobot-on-Decepticon screen shot action. Bring it! » 5/01/09 9:00am 5/01/09 9:00am

New Transformers 2 Trailer: Now In High-Res!

Here's the new trailer for Transformers 2 we showed you yesterday, except now it's in high-resolution, upping the general ass-kickery. Check out the robogasmic goodness below. UPDATE: Now with 58-shot 1080P screen-cap gallery! » 4/30/09 8:00pm 4/30/09 8:00pm

New Transformers 2 Trailer: More Robogasm, More Awesome!

The new trailer for Transformers 2 has leaked out and rather than you having to mess around trying to hop and skip after it, we've got it below. Plus, the high-res version's coming shortly. Enjoy! » 4/29/09 3:45pm 4/29/09 3:45pm

Chevy To Drop Marketing Of Transformers 2

GM will not support the release of Transformers 2 with a Transformers-like barrage of commercials. Why? Just call it Revenge Of The Carpocalypse. » 2/27/09 5:30pm 2/27/09 5:30pm

Change Transformers Can Believe In

Tired of a seemingly corrupt and secretive Decepticon government, running up huge energon deficits and starting robot wars all over the place? Optimus Prime is the candidate you can believe in. Change, Into A Truck. » 2/25/09 4:00pm 2/25/09 4:00pm

Transformers 2 Teaser Trailer: Now In Higher Quality!

The first version of this Transformers 2 trailer had the illegally-shot-in-a-movie-theater quality, but now we have the official Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen teaser trailer in all its Decepticon-loving glory. » 2/18/09 8:00am 2/18/09 8:00am

Transformers 2: Second Trailer Leaks To Web

We saw the first Transformers 2 trailer during the Super Bowl. Today, the second trailer, all 2:15 of it, premieres in theaters. Luckily, it's also made it online. We have the full robogasm below. » 2/13/09 11:30am 2/13/09 11:30am

Transformers 2: Bumblebee II Camaro Gets A Close-Up

Cleaning out our memory cards this morning, we realized we hadn't run anything on the rest of the Chevy Autobots unveiled in Chicago. Hooray for me, right? Without further ado, here's the Bumblebee "II" Camaro. » 2/13/09 10:30am 2/13/09 10:30am

Transformers 2 Devastator Revealed, Gives Us Nightmares

We got our first glimpse of the massive multi-robot Decepticon, Devastator, during the Super Bowl teaser for Michael Bay's upcoming explosive robogasm, Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen. Here's the scary Constructicon in full view. » 2/11/09 4:00pm 2/11/09 4:00pm

Transformers 2 Never-Before-Seen Autobot Running Footage

In addition to the information on Sideswipe, the Stingray Corvette Concept we just unveiled, we also got the following never-seen-before sneak-peek footage from Transformers 2, courtesy of the bowtied boys at Chevrolet. Enjoy. » 2/11/09 12:27pm 2/11/09 12:27pm

Transformers 2 Trailer Goes Live Ahead Of Super Bowl

Michael Bay's explosiongasmic Transformers 2 trailer has dropped before tonight's Super Bowl. Watch in horror as a giant one-wheeled Devastator destroys Vegas and in amazement as a Decepticon transforms into an Audi R8. » 2/01/09 2:05pm 2/01/09 2:05pm

2011 Chevy Spark: A Redneck Robot?

A new Activision website for the Transformers movie sequel video game features shots of robot modes for the Chevy Spark (Beat) and Trax. Frankly, they both look like hicks. A larger, higher-quality shot below. » 1/30/09 1:00pm 1/30/09 1:00pm

GM Requested Paramount Include Chevy Volt In Transformers Sequel "At…

Roberto Orci, head writer of Transformers 2 claimed in a web chat on fan-site TFW2005 that the Chevy Volt was not in the original script, but rather was foisted upon them at the last minute. » 1/16/09 2:20pm 1/16/09 2:20pm