Change Transformers Can Believe In

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Tired of a seemingly corrupt and secretive Decepticon government, running up huge energon deficits and starting robot wars all over the place? Optimus Prime is the candidate you can believe in. Change, Into A Truck.


This very clever poster is the work of graphic artist Tim Doyle and obviously parodies the previously omnipresent "Change" poster of now-President Obama. It was printed as a limited edition 18×24 inch poster which Transformer fiends snapped up for $30 without hesitation. There was even glow in the dark version which disappeared just as quickly. If you're a similarly afflicted Transformers nut, keep your eyes on Nakitomi, where a reprint may happen if demand is heavy enough. Freaks. [SlashFilm]

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engineerd - Jalopnik Poet Laureate

I'd like to change into a truck. I had a truck. An F150. Fine truck it was. Her name was Betty.

I bought her when I worked at the Ford wind tunnels in Dearborn. I live 1.5 miles from there. I had just bought the house and was working on fixing it up. OK, I'm still working on fixing it up. Gas was $1.75 a gallon.

Then some things changed. I got a new job 6 miles from home then 14 miles from home. I married a wonderful woman, but her job is 35 miles from home. Gas rose to $4 a gallon. I was filling up nearly twice a week and hitting the $75 pump limit before the 37 gallon tank was full.

It was time to give her up. I tried to convince my wife that we could afford both a new car and my truck. But I couldn't even convince myself. Not when Home Depot rents their truck for $20.

Change into a truck? I would love to. It just isn't practical for me anymore.

But I will name my firstborn son Optimus Prime.