Transformers 2 Devastator Revealed, Gives Us Nightmares

We got our first glimpse of the massive multi-robot Decepticon, Devastator, during the Super Bowl teaser for Michael Bay's upcoming explosive robogasm, Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen. Here's the scary Constructicon in full view.


It looks as if they're all there, but if you don't remember from your hazy drug-induced childhood, here's a list of all the Decepticons needed to transform into this hell-spawned massive robot and their original body locations.

Bonecrusher (Demolitions)
He transforms into a bulldozer.
He forms the left arm of Devastator.

Scavenger (Mining and Salvage)
He transforms into an excavator.
He forms the right arm of Devastator.

Scrapper (Construction Engineer)
He transforms into a wheeled front-load shovel.
He forms the right leg of Devastator

Hook (Surgical Engineer)
He transforms into a crane.
He forms the head and shoulders of Devastator.

Long Haul (Transport)
He transforms into a dump truck.
He forms the lower torso of Devastator.

Mixmaster (Materials Fabrication)
He transforms into a concrete mixer truck.
He forms the left leg of Devastator.

[tfw2005 via HELL!!]

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