Report: Devastator, Seven Constructicons To Appear In Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

In case red n' blue semis and military six-by-sixes didn't offer big enough robo-thrills in the last installment of Transformers, we've now read a report Devastator, a robot formed by "seven Constructicons" (different pieces of construction equipment), will be one of the Decepticons in next summer's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Given Michael Bay's desire to keep giant transforming robots as realistic as possible, that many vehicles could yield a positively monstrous robot. A rendering of what "Long Haul," one of the seven, might look like, is further fanning the flames in the 'former forums already overrun with rampant flame-wars over the veracity of the claim. Of course, in the giant robot arms race, if one side has giant merging robot capabilities, you have to assume the other will step up to the plate in kind. Can somebody say "Aerialbots?" Hit the jump for the full rendering of what "Long Haul" could look


[TFW2005, iesb] Image credit: IESB, keyframe1

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