2010 Chevy Spark: Because GM Needs More Electricity

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That "Chevy Beat" Matt Lauer lifted the skirt on last week? Turns out it's the 2010 Chevy Spark. And unlike it's charged-up brother, it's not electric. It is, however, headed to tomorrow's Detroit Auto Show.


Instead, the Spark is the production version of the Beat and it pushed aside two other small concept cars (the Groove and Trax) to earn its place on the Chevrolet production line.


Most of the compact seems to have retained the Beat concept's design cues with the exception of larger windows. The front end is less sporty as well and it appears to be raised higher off the ground. A few lines have been altered including fog lamps, headlights and the grille. The side profile also adapted to reality by accommodating rear doors, although a three-door version may be made similar to the Beat concept. The three-door may also be the same version that'll appear in the Transformers sequel later this year. We guess we'll see and hear more about this little Sparkplug tomorrow at the Chevy press conference. [via WCF]

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Stu L Tissimus

I loved the Beat but they really uglified the production version... I just tried comparing the two and I can't put my finger on what it is that destroys it.