The VW Beetle Can Be Driven On Land, Sea, And Air

I think it’s safe to say most of us are primarily land-car drivers. There’s just something about dry land that’s great for driving — the existence of roads, the difficulties of drowning or plummeting — I’m a fan. But a car that can go on land, and, say, water, that’s amazing. A car that can fly — also amazing. One… »9/18/15 6:05pm9/18/15 6:05pm

Max Hardigrew Car Mystery, Volume 1: The Cannibal Cabal

The wet slap of a raw steak smacking a human face echoed across the courtyard as the constable made his way to Max Hardigrew’s estate, a rambling collection of 70 or so old Winnebagos connected via ramshackle wooden hallways. The constable needed Hardigrew’s help now more than ever, though he was never fond of… »9/08/15 10:40pm9/08/15 10:40pm

These Are The 10 Least-Requested Options And Packages For New Cars

Buying a new car usually means having to pick from a bewildering array of options and option packages. At least that’s what I’m told by my friends who still have and use American money, as opposed to the Space Credits I foolishly converted all of my funds to. I did some research on these options, and found the least… »8/31/15 9:40pm8/31/15 9:40pm

Weird Tech Friday: The Rolligon, For When You Want To Run Yourself Over

Driving where there aren’t roads is never easy. Roadless places are full of sharp rocks, loose surfaces, couches, and screaming people. Happily, one guy watching Eskimos move huge piles of meat figured out a solution to all these issues, and it’s nice and bonkers-looking as a bonus. They’re called Rolligons. »8/14/15 3:30pm8/14/15 3:30pm

Let's Try Something Car Designer J Mays Specifically Told Me Not To Do

A while ago, I had the genuine pleasure of interviewing one of the best-known and accomplished modern automotive designers , J Mays. Mays is known for, among many other things, designing the New Beetle, Audi TT, and defining Ford’s current design language. He also once told me not to try and modernize the Model T. I’m… »8/13/15 4:30pm8/13/15 4:30pm

This Soviet Amphibious Car Is Even Weirder Than It Looks

I realize that if there’s one thing amphibious cars don’t really need, it’s surprises. Being able to drive right off a bank and into the water is usually surprise enough for most people. And a Soviet amphibious car, well, you just don’t need a surprise here. It’s already pegging the needle on the bonkersometer. But… »8/11/15 5:15pm8/11/15 5:15pm

Hear Me Talk About Cars, And Playing Old Video Games With Real Cars

I’m excited to say that today is the opening of my installation at the Indianapolis Museum of Art: an old (and now pixelated) Lancia that I’ve rigged up to play the old video game Pole Position on actual 1982 hardware, on a huge screen in an amphitheater. And before that, I’ll be talking about cars, and you can watch… »8/06/15 3:40pm8/06/15 3:40pm

I'm Having A Lancia Pixelated And You're All Invited To Drive It

You may recall a few months ago when I told you I was going to be making a colossal installation of the 8-bit driving game Pole Position that you play using an actual car. Notably, I wasn’t lying — the installation will open August 6, and, even better, the car used to control it is an ‘82 Lancia Zagato — that’s being… »8/03/15 8:00pm8/03/15 8:00pm