Here's A Teaser Of Car-Evaluating Legend Sandy Munro Checking Out The Changli

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Some of you may recall that I just took the World’s Cheapest EV™, the Changli, out on a glorious tour of racing and discovery, and one of those stops was to the undisputed Wizard of Taking Cars Apart and Looking at Every Little Freaking Thing, Sandy Munro. Munro and Associates are the leader in evaluating how much it costs to build cars and all kinds of products, so there’s no one better to show the grand mystery of the Changli than Sandy.

We’re going to have a full video of the informal evaluation at Munro coming up soon, but in the meantime the good people at Munro cut together a little trailer of Sandy and I reveling in the baffling cheapness of the Changli:

Remind me to thank them for making a shot with my weird butterfly-shaped bald spot the video’s poster image.


Sandy’s reactions are all absolutely genuine and unscripted, I promise: in fact, his staff made me hide the car’s details from him as much as possible because apparently Sandy can’t fake his way out of a paper bag when it comes to reactions, so when he seems surprised or delighted or confused, it’s all the real deal.

This is just a little taste, remember! There’s lots and lots more top-shelf Changli action headed your way!

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So cheap because of massive government subsidization to an already-cheap car. It’s not an EV thing, it’s an all-domestic-Chinese-products thing. A lot of it is not viable in outside of China’s domestic markets.

I do think that EVs should be far cheaper in the US but I know the government wouldn’t dare anger the oil-lobbyists. I just want more American tax dollars to go to making the earth a greener place rather than to defend Trump’s dumb-ass from legitimate charges or pay to have Republicans gut health-care, suppress votes, and ignore everything that doesn’t concern them. Yeah, I’ll keep dreaming...