The Changli Is Going Racing And Beyond

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Photo: Jason Torchinsky

Attention, everyone, attention! I am about to embark on a journey, a journey in a colossal Ford F-250 Tremor that will be carrying me, my requisite urine containment jugs, my awesome 1.1 horsepower Changli EV — the cheapest new EV in the world — and a dream.


Well, maybe two dreams, because I’m taking the Changli to the racetrack and then on to Munro & Associates near Detroit, where, I hope, it will get a full Munro-level breakdown and evaluation to reveal Changli’s secrets of How It’s So Damn Cheap.

The race is a Motorsport 4 the Masses event in Franklin, North Carolina, out in the western part of the state. The M4theM crew was nice enough to reach out to me and offer a slot in their big track day, where I’ll get to really put the Changli through its paces on the 0.44-mile course.

It’s a competition, and I’m pretty confident the Changli will do incredibly. Not only is it guaranteed to be lighter than anything else out there, it’s got that 1.1 HP monster of a motor tucked under the rear floor.

That’s an entire horse and a horse fetus worth of power, people! Finally, no more holding back as I drive; on the track I’ll be able to really unleash the raw, humid, lurid power of those five 12-volt batteries under my ass.

Look the fuck out.

I hope I don’t roll it, also. Because I might, and I don’t want to.

Since the Changli has only about 28 miles of range, I’ll be using this massive F-250 Tremor to get around, and, even better, this is a great way to test the factory-option ramp setup.

Photo: Jason Torchinsky

So far, the Tremor’s ramps work great, though it feels pretty nervy driving up into the truck bed.


After the race, as I’ll already be west a bit, I’ll shoot north through Kentucky and Ohio and the state of Franklin or whatever, eventually getting to Detroit and Munro.

Maybe I’ll use the Changli to fight some crimes along the way. Just a wandering stranger, with a truck and a ridiculous Chinese old-man’s microcar, not looking for trouble, but somehow always finding it.


Dammit, I wish I had a chimp sidekick or something.

I’m taking to the open road, friends, so if any of you see me on that lonesome highway, honk and wave! If I’m not too tired/crazed and you can somehow manage to socially distance/resist the urge to hug, I’m happy to pull over and let you check out the Changli!

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Allow me to take this opportunity to bribe you to stop if you’re nearby.

I’m near the I-75, I-70 interchange in Ohio. If you pass through I’d love a chance to check out the Chang-Li.

To sweeten the deal; while I check out the thundering, Chinese, super-ev you can kick back and thumb through my 1943 edition of Ohio traffic control devices. It’s easily the most Torchinskyesque book I own.

Sorry, but the book will be returnining home with me after our meeting, but I know you want to read the details behind this illustration.