For Turkey Day Watch Some Videos Of The Best Sports Car From Turkey

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Graphic: Anadol

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! As you know the holiday is sometimes called “Turkey Day” colloquially, since that bird is the one most often eaten (beating out emu) and it just sounds better than “Ham Day.” Super-sleuth readers likely know there’s a country called Turkey, too, and they build cars, so I like to highlight those on this day of thanks-shoving. This time I’m going to be like a substitute teacher and just show some movies, though.

Graphic: Anadol

The car I want to feature is one I’ve written about before: the Andadol STC-16, Turkey’s first real sports car.

The STC-16 (known as the Super Turkish Monster) is a genuinely attractive and fun-seeming car. Like all Anadols, it’s got British Reliant DNA, but Reliant knew something about making sports cars, and it shows.

Graphic: Anadol

So, to give you an idea of what the STC-16 is like, read that article up there, and then grab your turkey, drop it on your lap, and gnaw on it while you enjoy this assortment of Anadol STC-16 videos!

Donuts, Turkish style.

Rally Anadol!

A nice overview of the car, with a cow, in Turkish.

More Turkish hoonery. It’s likely got more than the original 1600cc four in there.

More SCT-16 rally action!

Looks like some kind of Turkish car show?

Another kind of show, about cars? My Turkish is nonexistent, so I’m not exactly sure.

Learn to draw an STC-16!

...and, what the hell, here’s one that made it into GTA.

So, enjoy all the Turkish car goodness! And know I’m thankful for all of you, always!


I mean it!

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I can't believe it still runs either

Anadol. I always thought it sounded an over-the-counter hemorrhoid cream.

Just the name.....the engine sounds fine.