What Is The Proper Way To Imagine An Eraser Car?

Illustration: Jason Torchinsky/Paper Mate

I’m sure almost every one of us has been in this position at some point in our lives: you’re bored and stuck at some school or work situation, in conditions where you can’t be online, you don’t have access to your phone, or books, or even an open window. You’re mind-numbingly bored. But there are some office supplies, specifically one of those pink erasers and some thumbtacks. You know what to do from here.

You make a little car, right? Maybe if there’s a pen handy, you’ll draw on some detail, but you can do this with four tacks and the eraser if need be.

Now, my question is this: when it comes to imagining (or, if you have a pen, designing/decorating) your eraser-car, I think there’s two major schools of thought: Van Style and Racer Style.


Here’s Van Style:

Illustration: Jason Torchinsky

In this way, you accept the overall shape and pretend it’s some kind of cool, low, fast van. Maybe like a futuristic Brubaker Box or something. This works well because the profile of the eraser works seamlessly, without any needed additions.

If you’re not into vans, though, it’s less ideal.

The Racer Style takes a slightly different approach:

Illustration for article titled What Is The Proper Way To Imagine An Eraser Car?
Illustration: Jason Torchinsky

Racer style turns the eraser into a sort of Can-Am-style race car, which it definitely looks like, though you’ll have to imagine the driver, or draw them on all flat and two-dimensional on the top. Still, this is a fun approach, no question.

So what I want—no, need—to know now is which method do you prefer? What feels more natural when you get handed an eraser and some thumbtacks? A custom, fast van or a badass Can-Am racer?


Let’s discuss this in the comments, with reasoned, deep arguments, please. It’s time to understand this as best we possibly can.

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I watched too much star trek as a kid to always think of an eraser as a car. It was a racer if it was a car. Flipped over it was an away shuttle