It's Time for the Hottest Car-Stumes of 2018

Feel that excitement in the air, that electricity all around you, that moistening of the pants? That can only mean one thing: it’s almost Halloween, and that means it’s time for Halloween Car-Stumes, everyone’s absolute favorite Halloween tradition! This year we heard from many of you about how you’re dressing up your cars: here’s the hottest car-stumes this year!

While many of you may decide to make your own car-stumes—which we think is fantastic—these are all commercially available* car-stumes you can find at any automotive clothing retailer.


Okay! Here’s the top five car-stumes!

It was big news this year when Ford announced that they’re no longer going to be selling non-Mustang passenger cars in America—it’s just trucks and SUVs for us. That means all those Fusions and Fiestas and Focuses and Tauruses (they were still making them, we think) are now dead, which also means that they can be un-dead.

Yes, that’s why the zombified Ford Focus RS is so popular this year, along with zombie Fiestas. Zombie Taurus car-stumes still don’t sell, though.


Electric vehicle owners have long clamored for car-stumes that really reflected their unique culture and values, and, finally, this year they have a great one. It’s a car-stume of Starman in his Tesla Roadster, the spacesuit and car combo that Elon Musk launched into space earlier this year.


Readers have reported that the lightweight styrofoam Starman part that gets strapped to the roof has a tendency to fly off, so if you’re using this one, keep it under 35 mph.


Bumblebee is back in a new Transformers movie all of his own this year, and, thankfully, the big robot’s automotive alter-ego has been returned to its original concept: an old Volkswagen Beetle. After years of being a Camaro, this is a welcome reversion for many, and this costume, with its very accurate injection-molded 1967 Volkswagen carface mask, is a great way to show your support.

The headlights are even transparent, so when you put on your lights, they light up! Great attention to detail here.


Mythical creatures are always popular subjects for Halloween costumes, and its no different in the automotive world of car-stumes. Probably the greatest and most terrifying mythical creature in the automotive world is the legendary, three-wheeled Elio, which is said to lurk somewhere in the bayous of Louisiana and get an alleged 84 mpg.


Also, Elios are especially scary this year, since they lost their original engines, and, legend has it, hunt down cars to steal their engines as revenge!


Car-stumes aren’t immune from the non-automotive world, which may be why this year’s fifth-hottest car-stume is Lady Gaga from the new-ish movie A Star is Born, specifically her look with that big black hat and the leopard-print leggings. Meow!

Okay everyone! Be safe out there as you trick-or-treat while driving, plowing over lawns, banging bumpers into doors, and knocking over decorations! Remember, there’s kids out there, so lights on and safety first!

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