Tony Stark Dumped His Fake Acura NSX For An Audi R8 E-Tron In Iron Man 3

The latest trailer for Iron Man 3 dropped yesterday, and I had two major takeaways from it: First, the movie looks like it's going to be insanely awesome. Second, Tony Stark has apparently ended his dalliance with Acura and gone back to his first love, Audi. » 3/06/13 5:30pm 3/06/13 5:30pm

Gabby Douglas Wants The Avengers Acura NSX

While talking about her speculated multimillion-dollar net worth, Gabby Douglas professed her desire for a white AcuraNSX roadster, just like the one in The Avengers. What, no R8? » 8/16/12 4:20pm 8/16/12 4:20pm

Audi Calls Acura's New Hybrid NSX Sports Car 'Vaporware' On Twitter

Iron Man gave up his trademark R8 for an Acura NSX droptop in The Avengers, and it looks like Audi feels bitter about it. Why else would they diss the fictional character's ride on Twitter? » 7/10/12 2:30pm 7/10/12 2:30pm

Acura NSX Concept: Detroit Auto Show Undercover Photos

Tony Stark's next car is under this sheet. A new Acura NSX Concept with a hybrid V6 motor waiting for its Detroit Auto Show debut. Here's everything that Acura's S.H.I.E.L.D. bodyguards would let us see. » 1/09/12 8:01am 1/09/12 8:01am

Tony Stark gets the Acura of our dreams in The Avengers

Iron Man 2 mostly served as a reminder that Tony Stark is kind of a dick, a sentiment The Avengers will only reinforce when Stark arrives in this poorly disguised Acura NSX replacement. It's another reminder to Acura's fanboys they'll probably never get one. Handsome dick. » 9/08/11 5:45pm 9/08/11 5:45pm

The Carnage Of Iron Man 2

Even for a metal-suited superhero film, Iron Man 2 destroyed an awful lot of cars. The list contains everything from smashed Rolls-Royce Phantoms to formula cars sliced in half by laser whips. Here's how the magic is made. » 5/14/10 12:00pm 5/14/10 12:00pm

Iron Man Needs An Audi R8 V10 Spyder To Get The Girl

Audi's Iron Man sponsorship tie-up continues with Tony Stark adding an Audi R8 V10 Spyder to his garage along with a chauvinistic tagline for the second movie. Because, you know, a multi-billionaire superhero needs a car to get laid. » 4/16/10 8:30am 4/16/10 8:30am

New Iron Man 2 Trailer Features Audi R8 V10 Spyder, More Scarlett

The second trailer for Iron Man 2 features the Audi R8 V10 Spyder spotted on the set earlier this year. Also, more Tony Stark quips, Scarlett Johansson and Sam Jackson. Let's call it Aluminum und Iron. » 3/08/10 8:30am 3/08/10 8:30am

New Iron Man 2 Footage Blows Up Monaco Grand Prix Track

Along with more footage of Tony Stark's psuedo-F1 racer getting Whiplashed a la the first Iron Man 2 Trailer, this behind-the-scenes footage shows a new Rolls-Royce getting spanked on the Circuit de Monaco. Oh, and Scarlett Johansson. » 3/01/10 2:00pm 3/01/10 2:00pm

Iron Man 2 Trailer: Tony Stark's F1 Car Is Toast!

Folks, this is it. The first trailer for Iron Man 2. Watch carnage taken to a whole new level — like Tony Stark's "F1 car" getting whipped in half by a very perturbed-looking Whiplash played by Mickey Rourke. Awesome. » 12/16/09 7:15pm 12/16/09 7:15pm

Audi R8 5.2 V10 Spyder Caught During Iron Man 2 Filming

Caught filming on the PCH for the upcoming Iron Man sequel, the Audi R8 Spyder's been spied again, this time with the top down and everyone's favorite comic book hero, Tony Stark, at the helm. » 7/17/09 5:30pm 7/17/09 5:30pm

Iron Man Takes To Flight For The First Time And We Already Know About…

We believe we can fly, we believe we can touch the sky. We think about it every night and day, we want to spread our wings and fly away. We believe that like Iron Man, we can soar...and...well, like the man of iron does in this first clip of his first flight in the movie hitting theaters next month, crash the hell… » 4/08/08 4:00pm 4/08/08 4:00pm

Full Iron Man Trailer Debuts, Makes Us Want One of Those Suits

After months of Ironman teaser shots and Ironman Super Bowl commercials and all kinds of other nonsense, the full trailer is now live and it's looking pretty good. Convenient for our Leap Day Celebration, Ironman appears to be able to jump right into the suit with some sort of Jetsons style automatic clothes… » 2/29/08 1:15pm 2/29/08 1:15pm

Iron Man Super Bowl Commercial Shows Off Stark's Hot Garage

UPDATE: The official Iron Man Super Bowl commercial! Apparently it's not just automakers like Hyundai and Chrysler with money to burn this Super Bowl Ad Watch weekend. Nope, it's also the movie industry — it looks like Iron Man will be getting some love in a commercial airing this Sunday during the big game.… » 2/01/08 7:45pm 2/01/08 7:45pm

Iron Man Trailer Debuts, Features The Tony Stark Audi R8

The following is an e-mail plea from reader James, who's making an example of what we'd consider to be a very well thought out tip on his desire to see us post on the newly released trailer for Iron Man: » 9/18/07 11:00am 9/18/07 11:00am

While we're not sure we'd agree with the "practical" nature of special effects of a man flying in an "iron"…

Iron Man To Drive Audi R8

There's no doubt at least one of us thinks the Audi R8's a pretty smooth looking sports car — and apparently so does the metal-faced gadget-obsessive Iron Man himself, Tony Stark. That's right, the Teutonic automaker obsessed with Bruce is teasing us yet again with the R8, product placing it in the new "Iron Man"… » 7/27/07 12:45pm 7/27/07 12:45pm