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Tony Stark gets the Acura of our dreams in The Avengers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Iron Man 2 mostly served as a reminder that Tony Stark is kind of a dick, a sentiment The Avengers will only reinforce when Stark arrives in this poorly disguised Acura NSX replacement. It's another reminder to Acura's fanboys they'll probably never get one. Handsome dick.


Photos from the set of The Avengers show Tony Stark's tossed aside his pedestrian Audi R8 for an R8-like mid-engined sports car from Acura that doesn't exist but looks like a modern NSX — probably because Acura has an explosive tie-in with all SHIELD movies.


While Acura insists this is just a one-off and has no production intent all we can see is NSX. NSX. Scarlett Johansson. NSX.

Photo Credit: Comic Book Movie