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New Acura NSX is everything we said it would be

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A new Acura NSX Concept is coming to the Detroit Auto Show next month and today Acura confirmed it'll be the Tony Stark car-esque AWD Hybrid we told you about two weeks ago. Sometimes we wish we were wrong.


Sources inside a Las Vegas dealer meeting earlier this month exclusively told us the new Acura NSX Concept would look like the vehicle from the upcoming Avengers movie (albeit in hardtop form) and feature an AWD hybrid drivetrain. If true, this would mean a radical departure from the car's previous life as a pure, light-weight, RWD sports car.

Sadly, it is true.

Acura today confirmed the car was coming to Detroit and told InsideLine basically everything we'd already told you, adding that it'll probably be the next-gen SH-AWD system with a "high-output V6 engine with a pair of electric motors and a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic."


Hybridness aside, the Avengers prototype was attractive as a drop-top and could finally curb Acura's habit of building ugly cars.

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