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Iron Man Super Bowl Commercial Shows Off Stark's Hot Garage

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

UPDATE: The official Iron Man Super Bowl commercial! Apparently it's not just automakers like Hyundai and Chrysler with money to burn this Super Bowl Ad Watch weekend. Nope, it's also the movie industry — it looks like Iron Man will be getting some love in a commercial airing this Sunday during the big game. Apparently, judging by this screen capture of the ad in question, we'll get some shots of Tony Stark spending some time testing his suit in a garage filled with all sorts of hot automobiles. We already knew about the Audi R8, but apparently Stark's also got himself a Cobra, a Saleen S7 and lookie-here, a Tesla roadster. Nice job, Stark — now we know what the "Whitestar" project really was all about, don't we? That's right — a hybrid powertrain for the Iron Man booster rockets. We knew it. Anyway, we'll have the official commercial up here online just as soon as it airs this weekend to add to the original Iron Man commercial — just follow along at our Super Bowl Ad Watch tag and feel free to hit the jump to make the shot above bigger than life.