While talking about her speculated multimillion-dollar net worth, Gabby Douglas professed her desire for a white AcuraNSX roadster, just like the one in The Avengers. What, no R8?

To the Baptist Press, the double-gold medalist put the hybrid NSX at the top of her wish list.

I want the one like Iron Man's off The Avengers. That was a nice car.

USA Today reminded her that she needs to get her driver's license first, to which she replied, "oh yeah."


Is Gabby a barometer for what's hot and what's not among unlicensed 16-year-olds? Has Audi really lost its gotta-have-it cool factor to Acura? Will none of it matter if Tony Stark gets a Bugatti?

(Hat tip to Blathering Seagulls!)

Photo Credit: Getty Images (Gabby Douglas), Raphael Orlove (NSX)

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