How Long Will Roy and Maher's Record Stand?

In case you missed it, friend to Jalopnik Alex Roy and his co-driver Dave Maher just shattered the intercontinental coast-to-coast speed record by over an hour. Well, they did it a year ago but its the 2000s, man — you gotta wait for the statute of limitations to run out secure the book movie deals before you break… » 10/15/07 12:00pm 10/15/07 12:00pm

Transcontinental 144: Alex Roy on the Rawlings/Collins Record Attempt

The ever-lovin' Herr Roy knows a thing or two about transcontinental control of incontinence in the service of swaths of ground covered in short amounts of time. He's harbored a friendly rivalry with both Richard Rawlings and the Collins Brothers since his first Gumball back in '03. And as a classic business-giver,… » 5/14/07 5:45pm 5/14/07 5:45pm

The Inverse of Alexander: Istanbul to Athens

A Phyrgian king had bound a chariot yoke/And Alexander cut the Gordian Knot/And legend said that who untied that knot/He would become the Master of Asia

» 5/10/07 10:30pm 5/10/07 10:30pm

Upon arrival in Istanbul, we were interned in a VIP lounge at the airport while the government figured out what to do with us. Meanwhile, the gigantic…

Team Polizei Found Fund to Benefit Family of Gumball Crash Victims

Our pals at Team Polizei have pledged $10,000 toward the creation of a fund to benefit the family of Vladimir and Margarita Cepuljoski, the couple who died after an accident involving Gumballers Nick Morley and Matthew McConville last week in Macedonia. Other ralliers have expressed interest in helping the… » 5/08/07 4:00pm 5/08/07 4:00pm

The DAF Looked at Jonny: Trans-Europe Express

Ever make the perfect purchase? It doesn't matter whether it costs ten million dollars or six euros, it's something you simply must own, and if it's remotely within your wherewithal to do so, you are helpless to resist. Such was the case with this suction-cupped DAF banner meant for the windshield of a long-haul… » 5/07/07 11:15pm 5/07/07 11:15pm

Team Polizei Takes On Gumball 3000's Maximillion Cooper Over Hit-And-Run Coverup

We've been covering the Gumball 3000 and the recent tragedy in Macedonia in a way that may seem to paint the cross-European rally, and all others, with a brush that may be a bit too wide. There are some very cool and very good people who participated in this rally, like our friends at Team Polizei, who appear to run… » 5/05/07 7:02pm 5/05/07 7:02pm

Team Polizei's Chariot O' Fire Departs for Gumball 3000

Herr Alex Roy and the mysterious Jeff Musical, only known as a part-time resident of Hoboken, New Jersey and German car enthusiast, spent the early part of today dropping off the Polizei 144 M5 Interceptor off at an undisclosed dock somewhere on the Eastern Seabord. This sadly means we will not be tooling around NYC… » 4/02/07 11:45pm 4/02/07 11:45pm

Polizei: Team Polizei Not Really Actual Polizei

In German law enforcement, there is no room for imprecision. Our pal Alex Roy is one highly precise man. Some would say precise to the point of obsession. Anyway, last night he kicked down an e-mail from German law enforcement (in Comic Sans, no less, which we feel is not precise enough for German police), which… » 11/27/06 5:30pm 11/27/06 5:30pm

Hoons of the Day: Polizei 144 Takes Law Enforcement Seriously

Our pal Alex Roy, meisterkopf behind Team Polizei, has had this video posted up on one of his numerous Polizei-related sites for a while now, and among the rallying cognicenti, it's somewhat the stuff of minor legend. But you know, faking pulling guys over in Lambos never really gets old, does it? We're gonna buy a… » 8/09/06 7:00pm 8/09/06 7:00pm

Official Gumball 3000 Update #3: Team Polizei In Ze Lead!

Well we've got our third official update from John-Francis Musial , the "official" Team Polizei Correspondent, as reported to him by Balla' Polizei Team Captain Alex Roy, currently on ze road. It all sounds so exciting — but not so much for one of us, who's stuck in a Bruegger's Bagel in lovely East Lansing, MI — now… » 5/02/06 5:30am 5/02/06 5:30am